Password Vault

Remember only one strong password, forget the others

The service is free while it is in alpha. We will softly apply the pricing policy afterwards [1].


Elipsis does one thing, and it does it right. It doubly encrypts your passwords.


Your data is encrypted and only you hold the password. Note that elipsis is not like other services. If you loose your password, there is no possibility to reset it.

Open source

The recent revelations proved it. You absolutely cannot trust closed source solutions when it comes to privacy or security. You can choose to run the service yourself.


Elipsis audits your account activity and tells you when someone logs in.


We cannot look at your secrets and our privacy policy makes it clear that we have no right to do so. You can also consult the status page to know whether we received a government request for user's data.


The subscription is cancellable anytime. We are also currently building tools so that you can export your data.

[1] free plan users will be able to keep the secrets they created over the plan limit but won't be able to create new secrets.