Privacy Policy

Elipsis collects some of your personal data. The sole purpose of collecting this data is to provide you with the service.

The service is provided by:

Nicolas Herment
Trinity Plaza, Tara Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

We do not hold or store your credit card details so we outsource these to Stripe

We also collect authentication tokens from two factor authentication mechanism provided by third parties. These include Yubikey and Authy

You have the right to access, modify or delete ANY and ALL data that we collect from you. You can access, edition and deletion can be done anytime through the service.

We do store cookies on your computer. Cookies are used for authentication.

We take security seriously. The service's code base is open source so that anyone can audit our security. On top of that security, we make sure our infrastructure is secure.

We do require you to sign-in with your email address. This is important to us so that we can contact you about important security measures we may have to take.

Your data is retained as long as you do not delete it.

Whenever this privacy statement is updated, this page will show the new effective date. If you disagree with the privacy update, you can close your account at anytime.

We use a list of third party providers. These include:

Your data is stored in Europe (Germany and France) and the United States.